Frontier 1862 currently offers web design services on Squarespace and Shopify platforms. As a Shopify partner, and squarespace circle member, we frequently have access to beta features that other design companies may not have access to. We love to let our clients in on insider secrets for creating the most beautiful websites to display their products.

We consider an online store the modern version of your store window. The first thing someone sees determines whether or not they will spend some time in your store! This is the perfect analogy for moving forward with our design services, simply because we know what customers want to see and what they don’t.


With our Shopify design package, you will receive a high quality website that converts visitors into paying customers. We build most of our websites from scratch using Shopify basic (and free) templates, but are always accommodating to and suggestive of using paid Shopify templates if you wish to have differing design features!

We work with a team of professional copywriters to ensure that your website has no spelling or grammatical errors. We have a trusty team of HTML and CSS experts to help add custom features to your store if one comes across, and we above all else - we have great taste in knowing what looks and performs well on the Shopify platform.



If you’re looking for proof of our Squarespace experience - look no further! This website you are currently viewing was created entirely on Squarespace. We have experience creating luxury and high viewership Squarespace websites that will help display you, your products, or your company, in a functional yet aesthetically appealing fashion.

We work with CSS to create custom changes to Squarespace websites so that your site is entirely your own.