Squarespace DESIGN



This questionnaire for a Squarespace web design will help me understand your vision, lets me understand your aesthetic, and will set the tone for the entire project! Please, don’t be afraid to type me a book. The more descriptive, the better! Please take your time to answer each question thoughtfully.


Name *
If so, please attach it to this brand guide - or put the link to your dropbox folder in the text area below.
This is the bar of links right under, beneath, or beside a logo found on most websites. (Example: Home, Shop, Services, About, Contact)
Example: Slideshow images, featured images, copy, products, social media accounts, etc...
Example: contact info, links, social media accounts, policies, etc...
Example: Split in half with logo in the middle, to the left, to the right, below the logo in the middle, etc...