The smell of blooming flowers on a humid midwestern day outside of a Sears catalog home, thunderstorms rolling over the prairie, and the Black Hills towering over the horizon… That is my happy place, in a nutshell.

I have always been a romantic, and been drawn towards the beautiful things in life. As simple as rain and flowers can be, and my deep appreciation for old creaky homes - I can equally appreciate the artistry and elegance in an Hermes Birkin bag, or Chanel Couture.

Defining luxury to me, isn’t just what new car is on the market, or the most expensive piece of fashion in Kim Kardashian’s closet is. It is so much deeper. It is the love and genuine artistry that so many people possess when creating a brand, or displaying their pieces in a store window.

This love of fashion, art, and my draw to beautiful landscapes is what has allowed me to grow Frontier 1862 into a lucrative and highly sought after design studio for all types of clients.