Digital branding & design


This service is meant to provide my clients with something just a liiiitle more special than what other branding studios can offer. We specialize almost only on digital design and creating your brand so that it represents you to the whole world, not just the limited geographical area in which your brick & mortar is located.

Here, we understand that the online marketplace is the key to a successful business. No longer is small business for your tiny community. It’s a global endeavor! With the digital branding & design services I have to offer here at Frontier 1862, it’s not a one-size-fits-all process. I completely understand the unique identity that each business wants to portray to the world, so the package I will recommend to you is based on your need only. You shouldn’t have to have a pre-made branding package assigned to your specific needs - because I understand just how different you are from the competition. Why be just like everyone else?!



What’s in it for me?

The Investment

The investment for digital branding services is unique. I hope to work within YOUR budget for any digital design projects - so for that reason, I generally ask my clients to contact me so we can discuss everything you need to rise above the competition in the digital world!